Sports Programs

PAL offers a wide range of organized sports throughout the year. For each sport, PAL will set up the proper number of teams for the appropriate age groups depending on the kids who sign up. There will be at least one adult coach per team who will be teaching good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-discipline to kids of all ages through focused sports play in a safe environment. Kids will be expected to go to organized practices set up and will participate in various leagues and tournaments through PAL. It is FREE for kids to participate in any of the organized sports. Equipment and facility are all provided by PAL and its partners.

Winter 2018

Wrestling (Northside)
Basketball (Northside & Southside)
Junior Olympic Volleyball (Northside)
Floor Hockey* (Herb Brooks Foundation)
Hockey* (Herb Brooks Foundation)

Spring 2019

Softball (Northside & Southside)
Baseball (Northside)
T-Ball (Northside & Southside)

Summer 2019

Golf (Northside)

Fall 2018

Football (Northside)
Volleyball (Northside & Southside)
Floor Hockey* (Herb Brooks Foundation)

Camps & Activities

Diverse Daisies*

Our Diverse Daisies Program is for girls 11-15 years old. Diverse Daisies is a Girls Mentorship Program which seeks to empower, motivate and encourage young women of diverse backgrounds. The Diverse Daisies meet approximately once a month for fun and educational events.

Ladies of Summer*

Our Ladies of Summer Girls Mentorship Program is for girls ages 10-17. The Ladies of Summer mentoring program was designed to keep our current PAL members engaged with the mentors in the off-season of sports. The program consists of women mentors who have already established relationships with the PAL young ladies through coaching volleyball, basketball and softball. The mentors take the young ladies on various field trips to give them different cultural experiences in the areas of sports, arts and the environment. The goal is to enroll the ladies in new adventures they’ve never had the chance to be involved in.

Brain & Body Camp

Brain and Body Camp utilizes sports and activities to give youth direction and skills. The curriculum explains each component of the sport and adds a nutrition element. Kids will walk away with a full understanding of team work, self-esteem and fitness. Camp participants will also participate in G.R.E.A.T. (Gang resistance education and training).

Y Water Safety Camp*

Youth are taught basic water safety skills at the Downtown YMCA. These essential skills help keep kids safe around lakes, rivers and pools and encourage confidence in and around water.

Lake Calhoun Sailing School*

Beginner sailing lessons are provided by Lake Calhoun Sailing School. Kids learn the fundamentals of sailing in a safe and fun environment. Participants must have completed the Y Water Safety Camp.

* These programs are not open-enrollment.

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